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Are we Ready to be Served?

Spiritual Advisor

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Lord,

My reflections come from my prayer regarding the Holy Thursday Service and ritual of Foot Washing. I was asked to celebrate a service on Holy Thursday at the long-term care center. I have a beautiful picture of Jesus washing the foot of Peter. As Jesus is leaning over the bowl one can see Jesus and Peter’s face in the bowl. Peter’s face is incredulous as to what Jesus is

doing. Distraught, even how to handle this situation. Jesus, the Master, is caring for his friends, teaching them.

As I was praying over the text it dawned on me that those participating were all women and seniors in the aging process. I noted to the participants that in their earlier years they were always the ones caring for the needs of the folks around them. Most of them were mothers and grandmothers and friends. They took up the task of serving their loved ones. Graciously, I reminded them that they were the ones who took up the task without thinking about themselves. The smiles on their faces told the stories of their memories. Here we are today hearing that story and feeling like Peter who wanted to change places with Jesus so we could minister to Jesus, their Master. They had always been the ones serving. Now, in the aging process these beautiful women need to let another minister to them. These women understood in a new way the meaning of this passage. Jesus’ example of caring service they had provided and now receive this care from their Master.

Somehow, as I reflected on this Scripture, and how poignant it was to this group, I reflected on how this can speak to each of us. As leaders in the Cursillo movement we have in the past and continue now to serve others in so many ways - through talks, rituals, Sacraments - we nourish, feed, teach candidates and one another in mind, body and spirit. We are reminded that we are called to serve but also to allow Jesus to minister to and through us. Let us thank Jesus and ask that we remain open to receive the grace to serve and to open us to receive His service and that of our brothers and sisters.

Sister Joy

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