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Do I love them better, more, deeper?

Lay Director (Each month, one of our Lay Directors will write an article.)

Can you believe it is time for the groundhog to show up? Where has the time gone? It seemed like yesterday we were in the middle of planning for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and then wow! It’s 2022. Time does fly! So, did you make a New Year’s resolution? Are you keeping it? Well as good as that would be to keep, a better thought might be… How am I growing closer to God? Do I do a better job at being Christ to others than I have in the past? Do I love them better, more, deeper? Or is it surface stuff?

In the second reading today, Paul tells the Corinthians what love is. (1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13). It is a favorite of mine. It starts out by telling me (us) to “strive eagerly for the greatest spiritual gifts.” And then throws in...” But I shall show you a still more excellent way.” I’m sure you all are familiar with this Bible passage or know it by heart. A more excellent way of what? Loving others and loving God. This all comes on the heels of Valentine's Day. A day celebrated in the secular world for loving others. Wouldn’t it be great if we could celebrate that every day? Loving and not hating?

So, February is here. More planning for the upcoming weekends to be held in Tiffin @ St. Francis Spirituality Center. A new home. A new beginning. Seems like a great place to start fresh. One final thought: God has given us all talents of different varieties and levels to use to build His Kingdom and bring others into a closer friendship with Christ. Are we using them to the fullest? Cursillo could use more talents of all varieties and levels to help our movement become an even stronger agent for change in the world. Consider taking that step to further the Kingdom of God by becoming involved in the leadership of this movement. Ultreya!

May the peace of Christ always disturb your life!

John Lyons

Kathy Otermat

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