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Synodality for US

Spiritual Advisor

Dear Brother and Sister Cursillistas,

We are at a precious time in the liturgical year of our faith; the beginning of the celebration of Jesus' love for us in being willing to give His life for our salvation! This comes to celebrate yearly because of its importance for all eternity. It's a most beautiful time for prayer from the head and heart to get closer and closer (every year) to Jesus - all of us and each of us....

I haven't had these thoughts I'm now sharing ever in my life before. I find myself growing in faith because of all the things happening in our lives right now including challenging weather and possible war breaking out that might have greater consequences than just Russia and Ukraine. There have been other times in the past when serious things like this were happening pretty much at the same time, and Scripture has captured God's place in it, so we can learn from that. Our sharing of prayers with one another gives the Holy Spirit a great avenue to teach the world how to have faith and hope and love to conquer it all.

Hopefully the concept of synodality is a gift from the Holy Spirit to bring our worlds together in the love of Jesus that is echoed in so many other religions and organizations. It's a chance for growth pretty world[1]wide in our faith understanding of Christianity in its many expressions that can eventually meet with other faith conceptions in the human condition. A LOT to pray about, eh? And it can also help us handle weather and war and epidemics and other health conditions....

A best sense of Lent is handing up our own thoughts and feelings and experiences and dreams and challenges and hopes and placing them all in the lap of the Lord with his Holy Spirit (however each of us wants to make that happen) so that we can capture a deeper sense of the Love of God!!! I'm going to love hearing good stories as a shepherd of fantastic sheep....

DE Colores!

Fr Skip

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