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The Cursillo Method

From the Lay Directors 

 Make a friend, Be a friend, Bring a friend to Christ. 

I have pondered this statement many times over the course of my involvement in Cursillo. And it has changed, as it should as we each grow and live ! How do I do this? What does it really mean? What does it ask of me? What do I get out of it? What do I have to give up? How long will this take?  And there are more. First, consider coming to Focus day on June 15 @ St Wendelin’s in Fostoria from 8-4. There will be some good conversations about this.  

But …Make a friend….In an ever changing world how do I do this? And where do I do this?  The answer is as diverse as the people answering it. We all come from different backgrounds and that changes how we each answer it. I believe that the beginning of the answer is…be yourself. Wherever you start and however you start. You have to be you! Because if you don’t, people will see right through you and walk away. Be authentic. 

Then be the friend that you want to have. Someone who is there through thick and thin. We have all been through some tough times. And you know who you can count on to be there right beside you when you need a shoulder or when you want to celebrate. A good friend can “read” you a mile away. We all need friends, lots of friends. That's what makes Cursillo so terrific. We are there for each other. No matter what. We all make mistakes. Some big, some small. We are all imperfect !! And we all need help to stay on the narrow road that God has given us. 

And bring that friend to Christ. Let them know just how well you love the Lord. And how much He loves us! Right where we are. But He won’t leave us there. There is so much more to have. We just need to Trust in Him and His Word. What a change we all can make in this world if we would all stand shoulder to shoulder and show the world our love for each other and our love for Christ! 


John Lyons   Kathy Otermat 

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