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Who is Called?

Lay Director’s Article.

Greetings in Christ Sisters and Brothers!

What I keep hearing in the readings the past month or so, has been “calling”. Hmmmm. Who is calling? Easy; God. Calling me for what? Honestly, sometimes it’s a no brainer. Called to share His love to those I meet each day. Now the hard(er) part. How do I do this? Sometimes the “calling” is right in front of my face, but do I see it?

Over the years, since I first lived my Cursillo weekend in 2001, I have learned (sometimes the hard way 2X4), to keep close to God and likeminded friends. Most of them are Cursillistas! How? Piety, Study and Action. Or Holiness, Formation and Evangelization. How do I grow in my piety/holiness? Daily reading from the bible. (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) followed by either some more spiritual readings or a podcast. And if I can, a visit to the adoration chapel. Trying to keep Christ in the forefront of my mind. Next is to try and Study/Formation. Again, good books help me with occasional podcasts or YouTube videos from various sources. Finally, Action/Evangelization. Sharing God in my life with others.

Evangelization can be a scary word. But it really isn’t if you are using the other 2 legs to help hold you up! If you are working at living a holy life, studying God’s word to see what it says, then your action will flow naturally. St Francis said, “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary”.

So how is God calling me and to what? Like I said, sometimes it’s right in front of my face. But if I am too concerned with a football team, or a TV show. I’m going to miss the nudge. I have been involved in RCIA for years. Due to changes at our parish, the meeting time was moved to Sunday afternoon. After much prayer, Mary and I decided to step aside. While this wasn’t what we truly wanted, it has allowed others to step in. I remind myself often that the real reason I am on this earth is to do a specific purpose that God has for me that only I can do. And If I’m too busy doing “my thing” I won’t have time to do God’s work. And I want to do the work He has called or will be calling me to do. I have talents and so do you! Pray and find out what God wants you to do with them! So, do you hear God calling??? He Is calling!! Be quiet and you will hear the small quiet whisper calling your name.

Peace, prayers, and blessings to all of you!

De Colores!

Kathy Otermat

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