The Post Cursillo Team has been working on gathering your thoughts about holding a weekend this spring.  We need your input to help guide us on this journey and decision. We are inquiring to determine the possibility of holding a weekend at Carey in the Spring. To be on the same page please assume COVID 19 is still around and a vaccine is not ready for general release when answering these questions. There will be nine weeks of preparation before the weekend with these meetings using social distancing and mask. Holy Hour and closing could have (normal guest and Cursillistas, limited guest and Cursillistas, very limited guest and Cursillistas) . If you would like to answer these question please email them to us at:



1. Do you feel comfortable in going to meetings and working a weekend?


2. What if it can be done as safely as we can make it be?


3. Should we wait until a vaccine is available to all or the pandemic has subsided?


4. Any additional thoughts, concerns or ideas.


Thank you, Your Fourth Day Team

We Need Your Thoughts

Welcome to our new Co-Lay Directors

We are excited to announce the new leaders of our movement here in the Toledo Diocese. We are blessed to have two members with a great history in our movement. They have served us in many ways over the years. Below in their own words a little about themselves and why they came forward to be our Lay Directors.

Kathy Otermat and John Lyons

Kathy Otermat

I lived my Cursillo weekend in May,1985. (I was INCREDIBLY young.) This movement has been an important part of my life pretty much ever since. I have had different positions in the movement and had an opportunity to be the lay director with my husband Scott (who’s now in heaven) some years ago. I knew the lay director position was currently open, and a couple of dear Cursillo friends had mentioned the position to me, but I did not feel that this was the right time. HOWEVER, God had a different idea. (Yay, God!)

John Lyons

Jesus said that if we want to be the greatest, we have to serve. If we want to be first, we need to be last. And since living my Cursillo #199 back in 2001, I have grown to understand this message more and more. That is one reason that I said yes to God for this position; to serve Him and those He has put in my life. And I am not perfect. I do make my mistakes. I am trying my best to follow His lead.


CURSILLO!  Pronounced (kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word for "short course" (in Christianity).

The weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends on Sunday. During these three days those attending live and work together, listening to talks given by clergy, sisters, brothers, and people like yourself who make faith come alive in fresh ways. We also pray, attend mass, and share the Eucharist.

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