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Heaven and Hell, a Relationship?

Our Spiritual Advisor

Heaven and Hell.  What a great way to start a Spiritual Reflection.  Heaven and Hell. 

Those of you who know me well, and not many of you probably do, know that I am enamored by the study of Heaven and Hell, and I continually reflect on the subject.  I think about this often since it is the ultimate outcome of our Spiritual Journey here on earth.  It is the subject of the Church in that it is the goal to bring everyone we encounter to the knowledge of who God the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit is in our lives and how this plays out in a Heaven and Hell scenario.   So, what is Heaven and Hell really?  I just said what and not where is Heaven and Hell.  The Church specifically tells us that Heaven and Hell are not physical places, but a state of “being”.  I would submit that Heaven and Hell are states of “Relationship” to God, who is being itself.  But I’m getting off track. 

Jesus the Christ Himself specifically said, “The Kingdom is now”.  We live in the Kingdom, the kingdom of God.  Doesn’t it make sense that Heaven and Hell is all about us?  To experience Heaven or Hell is to experience a close relationship with the God who created us or the alternative is to not have such a close relationship.  This is a taste of the eternity that our immortal spirit will eventually experience for the rest of God’s time, a close relationship or, maybe a distant or no relationship. 

How does this play out as a Cursillista?  I would submit that at the first weekend that we lived we came in close contact with Christ Jesus through those presenters, walkers of the way, those who, through their friendship and guidance, brought us closer to Jesus in a way that we might not have experienced Jesus before.  “Make and friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Jesus”, and from there we might have experienced our creator God as a team member, witnessing to each other on the team and then on the weekend to those candidates who God entrusted to us.  We developed a greater appreciation of God; in other words, we grew deeper in our “relationship” to God.  We drew closer to experiencing a Heavenly relationship right here on earth. 

You might be getting the gist that it’s all about relationship, relationship to each other, but more to the thought of relationship to God.  The beauty of the Cursillo movement is that at each step of the process, of living a weekend and presenting a weekend, moves us closer to that ultimate relationship, that is, an eternal relationship with God through Jesus the Christ by way of the Holy Spirit.  Even if we are not involved specifically in a team experience, we pray, Palanca, for each other and others.  Each prayer experience draws us closer to that ultimate relationship with our God. 

The work of the Church is seen in us Cursillistas through the Holy Spirit.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are alive and well within us. 

Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus, let us pray for each other continually.  Make a friend in Jesus.  Be a friend to Jesus.  Bring your friendship in Jesus to others. 

 Peace and Blessings, 

Deacon Tom Soper, #283, #288, #293

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