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Summer a Time for Celebrations and a Picnic!

Lay Director  

July is such a time of celebration. We remember the founding of our country with parades and fireworks, concerts and barbecues. Our gardens (or the gardens of friends) are beginning to yield their bounty, with lots to enjoy and share. It is a great month for vacationing, with warm weather and sunny skies. 

How can we celebrate the gift of our faith this month? I tend to limit the celebrations of my faith to the big feasts, Christmas and Easter, and the times when family and friends are receiving Sacraments for the first time. I know that there are people who celebrate the anniversary of their (or family members’) Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation.  How about widening our celebrations to include the gift of our faith, especially this month which lends itself to gatherings?

 As Cursillistas, we have learned to better see the presence of God in our everyday lives. Who hasn’t been touched by a rainbow or the smile of a small child? Who hasn’t received an unexpected blessing in a time when it was so needed (and knew where it came from)? Who hasn’t learned something profound in a book or during a homily or while singing a hymn – new or old – because our hearts were open to receive that learning? 

Take some time this month to ponder the gift of faith. Whether it’s with friends at a gathering, or just by ourselves at a Mass, sitting by the lake, walking through a park, riding through the countryside, anywhere at all. We are so blessed by the gift of faith bestowed upon us. Let’s celebrate! There is an opportunity this month to gather together to celebrate the gift of Cursillo. Our annual picnic will be held at Bernie and Joanie Rumschlag’s home, 2851 S. County Road 591, Tiffin, on July 21st starting at 2 pm. We’ll share a potluck meal and then celebrate at an Ultreya! Hope you can come! DeColores! 

DeColores! John Lyons   Kathy Otermat

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