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The Holy Spirit in Life

Spiritual Advisor (Each month, a Spiritual Advisor will write an article)

Dear Brother and Sister Cursillistas,

After a wonderful ladies' weekend and a shocking event in the lives of our Reinhart family, my prayers are bringing some powerful thoughts to my mind and soul! I see a POWERFUL connection of life, faith, hope, religion, care, promise, friendship, trust, love, family, presence and our active Holy Spirit.... And I can go on even more as I lift up the grace-filled sense of the nature of Cursillo bringing people together in life and death, hope and care, love and presence never ending! I can see it all working together and the hope that brings to present activities and future ones as we help one another cope and even flourish ....

I see all this and more as I ponder each person involved (especially John in a multitudinal way that he demonstrates in his person) as we keep our lives together and as we look forward to helping a whole world as our faith example fits right into wonderful examples and very challenging ones. We have good examples to follow and chances to be good examples to a lot of others in our lives as we open our minds and hearts in prayer to the presence of the Holy Spirit -- in Past, Present and Future moments in lives of faith. The Movement brings all this to us so preciously for the rest of our lives here on earth and at last in heaven. We can see it unfolding right now! Isn't that great??? And it's not just because we experience John's LIFE so preciously, but also because we get to mold our lives with his good example and share that growth with a lot of others, one day at a time, one gathering at a time, enjoying it as we do so in grouping, in Ultreyas and on weekends. And we're helping one another do this forever!!!

That's our faith, and we're rightfully proud of it. We can ask John to give us some more people to be friendly to, be friends with, and to bring them to our Jesus as often as we can. Tell the story,

De Colores,

Fr Skip

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