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The Journey

From Our Lay Director,  

Happy Easter!!  He Is Risen!! We pray that your Lenten journey was fruitful. Dying to self in order to rise with Christ this Easter. 

Jesus knew very well about dying to himself. How many times in scripture do we read about Jesus doing his Fathers will, not his own. I think about this lent and the giving up that I did. No, I didn’t give up stuff this year. I gave up my time to help others, especially when I was too busy. I gave up or offered my gifts, my talents to those who needed help, mostly in small ways. And I gave some of my treasure to those that needed it more. And I found that doing these things brought me joy. Not happiness, joy. There is a difference. Even when life throws a lot of muck your way you can still be joyful. Joy comes from knowing that God has all of life in His hands. The good, the bad and the ugly. And you come to know that even with sorrow and pain, there is a rainbow of love at the other end. You come to realize that all of this life's a journey. From the beginning to the end and all the highs and lows in between. Your life, my life is a dash, like on a headstone 1958 - 2075.What we do with our dash is what we will be judged for at the end of time.  When you go through the rough and hard times in life, as many of you know, it is the reliance on God that gets you through. Jesus had to die in order to rise from the grave. He had to die so that the Father could send us the Holy Spirit, The Advocate. Jesus knew that we would need help! I certainly can't do it on my own. But with God’s help I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Life is so much easier if I would get out of God’s way and let Him show me what I need to do, and listen to what He tells me. But I want to be able to control some of my life! 🙂 And we all know where that leads us. I can’t help but think; where does all of this lead me?   

I think it comes back to the stool. Piety, study and action. After all, isn’t lent meant to help bring us closer to Christ? How have I been doing this? First putting myself quietly before God and trying to listen to His still, quiet voice. Second, picking up the bible and reading His love letter to me. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. And as I read trying to pick up on what God wants me to hear. And then third, going out and cheerfully sharing God with others. Nobody likes a grumpy Christian!!  For me , it has been a different lent this year, for a variety of reasons. As I finish lent while writing this, I look forward to the beautiful Easter Sunday! And all that it will bring. Celebrating the Lord rising from the grave and offering us new life! Let us run joyfully Jesus is King! Let us give Him our expectations and see what He does with them. May God bless you abundantly and grant you His peace!  May your lives overflow with His joy! And may your stool be solid to hold you in all of your endeavors!

Decolores! Ultreya! 

Your sister and brother in Christ, 

John Lyons,  Kathy Otermat

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