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Lent, try something different, why not start today?

Ark Lay Directors’ Article  

Such a month of promise. March brings Daylight Savings Time (March 10th), the official start of Spring (March 19th), and this year, Easter (March 31st). Our days have been lengthening since December 21st, 2023, but somehow the days appear longer as we move closer to Spring with the clock moving forward, giving us more light in the evening. And the increased sunshine certainly adds more joy to each day as well.  

How are we looking at this month in terms of our faith? Since March mostly occurs during the season of Lent, how can we tie our feelings of promise with the exterior changes to our days with the interior feelings of promise that we are growing closer to Our Lord during this time also? Do we feel that our hearts are becoming lighter and brighter, that we are inching our way to a more intimate relationship with Jesus?  

I am making some progress with my Lenten promise. I try to choose something for Lent that will result in my growing closer to Jesus and more at peace with myself. (Those two things are typically tied together for me.) This year, I’m working on procrastination. Putting things off that might not be my favorite thing to do doesn’t make them go away; I know that. The peace that comes from getting things done far outweighs the fleeting “extra” time I get from not addressing them. Now to actually do that! 

This Lent, I am looking to be more methodical about my “to do” list. Taking time with God comes first, and I appreciate all the opportunities I have been given to spend time with Him. This includes surrendering myself to Jesus every day, asking Him to “take care of everything”. From Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Jesus has been very good at helping me to let go of what I can’t control (which is mostly everything). The peace I’ve been finding is helping me to use that newfound energy to address what I can do. I’m making very slow progress, but progress nonetheless. God is so good!  

I hope and pray that your Lent is moving forward to a great celebration at Easter, where you can look at your journey during Lent this year as a time of growth in your relationship with Jesus and growth in your understanding of yourself. Haven’t gotten on board with any Lenten resolutions yet? Or are your Lenten resolutions not helping your spiritual growth? There’s no time like the present. What might bring you closer to Jesus this Lent? If you are moved to try something different, why not start today?  

Your sister and brother in Christ, 

Kathy Otermat,  John Lyons

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