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Questions to Share

From Our Spiritual Advisor              

Dear Brother and Sister Cursillistas We’ve just finished the tremendously spiritual season of Lent and its preparation for the experience of Holy Week and Easter.  There were a lot of gatherings to pull us together to grow in faith and in the friendship of one another.  That builds our personal sense of our faith merits and demonstrates how that builds community and a sense of belonging. 

Now we have another kind of experience to share when we’re often pretty much more alone and have time to relax and remember some of the good times we just shared, to let those affect us in our lives more deeply!  All of this is the human way of life with its business and quietness intermixing so we can stay alive and have fun. 

My thought for this month’s ARK is that we can share with some family and friends. A couple of thoughts that inspire us to share with others, - the faith gifts we experienced, - be good and fun instruments in the hands of The Savior Jesus  to give the world.  We each have a way to experience friendship in gentle timing and most likely some “surprising” thoughts!  TAKE THE TIME TO PONDER EACH QUESTION.

Here are some QUESTIONS TO PONDER so we can share:  

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Spring? 

 What Is The Last Thing That Made You Smile?   


Favorite Springtime Sport? 

What If You Had An Extra Hour In Every Day, How Would You Spend It?       

What Do You Value Most In  A Friendship?

Got ya all in prayer as we experience this fun time at the same time!!! 

I might be on a beach with a beverage in my hands when you read this,               

Fr. Skip

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