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Democracy, Values, with Cursillo,

To My Sisters and Brothers: De Colores!

We seek the Lord in this hectic time -- trying to stay well in the pandemic and avoid passing virus to anyone else. Not being able to meet personally as is a precious gift of Cursillo, so we are learning how to communicate virtually with things like Zoom on top of the extremely useful cell phones we've had for decades! Maybe we're discovering more about divinity and afterlife in heaven: how God sees things all the time. I'm wondering how we will advance as a human race and especially as Catholic Christians! Not sure how long I'm going to be on earth, but I'm aware of the fact that we're so much more connected to the rest of humanity and have the chance to influence so many others than when I was a kid. It absolutely amazes me to use Google and get an answer to my question instantly for something that would take me hours, days, or weeks or more all by myself! And how fast a virus can spread now that we can fly. Sure, beats the horse and buggy days doesn't it???

And currently we're experiencing something we've had for centuries but seems more challenging now than usual, and that's our politics in an election year. There are several values at stake that address our faith and provide opportunities for teaching wisdom, right and wrong, far-reaching choices, values, and behavior. I really treasure our democracy as government. It causes us humans to grow through dialogue, discussion, cooperation, truth searching and friendship: standing up strong for what is right and strong against what is wrong. Then the value of forgiveness and reconciliation pretty regularly!!!! Punishment is a tool but must be used wisely -- and that's where our gift of faith can be so important. How do we figure this all out: pro-life, racism, detention, medical choices, etc.,etc.

That's where Cursillo comes in: learning, growing (individually and together), getting the Good News of the Gospel out to as many as we can, assisting and supporting one another (friends and enemies!) in doing this, turning the other cheek when necessary, respecting law enforcement well, and prison ministry. The lists go on. I'm seeking to congratulate and strongly encourage our efforts (especially as we learn to use Zoom!) and want to get together as much as possible -- wisely.

De Colores,

Fr. Skip

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